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Andy Masters has presented hundreds of entertaining and impactful student programs across North America, including for Vanderbilt University, Kansas State University, and UC-Santa Barbara--as well as the NCAA Convention and numerous Leadership/Educational Conferences.  Andy's nationally recognized college success, leadership, and career/life preparation programs are ideal for the following types of events:

* Student-Athlete   * Leadership   * Student Life   Career/CTE   * Greek   * Orientation  

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Reviews for Andy's Student Programs

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“Andy Masters really addresses the audience in the 'Life After College' presentation. His examples of the 'dream jobs' captured the attention and curiosity of the students. The books are a great bonus and giveaway for the students. The message is straight forward and practical. Our students are still talking about it and others want the book. You were a DYNAMIC speaker and the students' review was EXCELLENT!”
– Janice Robinson, LifeSkills Coordinator, Auburn University (AL)

“Hi Andy - What I heard and what they heard was EXCELLENT. The evaluations from the students were excellent, all 4s (on a scale of 1-4, 4 being excellent). My staff was also impressed by your presentation style. For a quote: ‘We finally had approval to bring Andy Masters to campus and he was well worth the wait! The message conveyed through his relaxed presentation style quickly engaged the students and maintained their focus throughout the presentation. It is always a plus when you can bring in an enthusiastic speaker that the students 'get.' The examples Andy uses are examples everyone can understand and apply. The response from the attendees was resoundingly positive...a 'FANTASTIC'event!'"                                                                                                                                                                                                                        - Michael Doty, Director, UT-Dallas Career Center

“Andy’s presentation on the professional working environment was GREAT! He was very energetic and passionate about delivering the information to the student-athletes about what to expect in the work place. The students was very in tune to what he was presenting. He was straight to the point and provided the information thoroughly! We would love to bring Andy Masters back in the future!!!”
Cassaundra Gail Lee, Life Skills Coordinator, University of Memphis

“Andy’s presentation on the ‘37 Keys to College Success’ was very impressive! The students were engaged throughout the entire program. We were very impressed with how the speaker was able to present an excellent and upbeat presentation even though there were technical problems with the projector! Andy was truly a GREAT SPEAKER!”
- Erica Lake, Office of Student Life, University of South Carolina

"Andy, your presentation was FIRST CLASS. You have an art of connecting with your audience and engaging them throughout the entire presentation. I remember looking around seeing everyone taking notes and hanging on your every word. That's what a great speaker has the ability to do. Working with you has been a real treat. Not only are you a great guy, but you're a FANTASTIC presenter. I'd recommend you to anyone!"
- Kyla M. Clark, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Brand Strategies & Events, after Andy's program at the NCAA Convention

 Andy Masters at MizzouAndy Masters at USFAndy Masters at Kansas State