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From High School 2 College™

From High School 2 College™

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Andy’s flagship program is based on his book 37 Keys to College Success: Balancing Student Life and Academics. Andy's From HighSchool2 College™ program encourages students to strategically develop their skills during college in preparation for success after college. Andy has the ability to captivate collegiate audiences using humor and audience participation to convey his life-changing message. His programs always make the “light bulbs go on” for students, as he inspires each of them to truly take charge of their own academic and career future.  Andy got the most out of his college experience, earning 4 degrees and serving as Student Government Association (SGA) President.
Andy Masters
Program Highlights include:

  • Leadership Inside & Outside the Classroom
  • Career / Major Decisions
  • Academic Success Principles 
  • Networking / Get Involved!
  • Time/Stress Management & Life Balance 
  • Critical Mistakes to Avoid 

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