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For interview requests, please contact Andy's office directly at (407)595-5838 or by email at  Andy's print features and interviews have included Investor's Business DailySt. Louis Post-DispatchLeadership Excellence magazine, Student Activities Journal, and the Association for Career & Technical Education magazine Techniques.

Andy was most recently featured on the 2016 PBS Television Show "Horizon", which can be viewed HERE.  Andy has also been featured on "The Balancing Act" on LIFETIME Television, the "DayTime TV" show syndicated in over 100 U.S. markets, and numerous NBC affiliates.



Media Interview Q&A Guide

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Attached is a Media Interview Q&A Guide consisting of sample interview Questions/Answers on career and educational success topics.  Interview answers may also be reprinted for print or online articles if, upon release, a hard copy of the article is mailed to the address below, or online link to the article is emailed to  Thank you.

Quotations by Andy Masters 

Attached is a collection of Andy's thought-provoking and humorous quotations from Andy's books, articles, and speeches which may be cited or reprinted, as appropriately attributed to "Author/Speaker Andy Masters."  Subjects include Personal Development, Business, Leadership, Time Management/Work-Life Balance, Life/Humor, and Risk.


Permission to Reprint Articles

Permission to reprint articles, quotations, or previous interview quotes, either excerpts or in its entirety, is hereby given to all print, broadcast and electronic media, provided that the contact information listed below is displayed at the end of each article in your publication. Permission is also granted for reasonable editing. 

"Andy Masters is an international Author/Speaker who presents educational success, career, and professional development programs for faculty, staff, and students. His website is:“

Additionally, upon release, please send hard copy of your publication with the article or quotation to the address below, or email online link to article to

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