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Andy has earned the prestigious "CSP" designation of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the highest earned international recognition for professional speakers, in which less than 10% of over 5,000+ speakers worldwide have achieved.  Below are reviews from Andy's educational success, career, and professional development programs across North America:




"Andy Masters' keynote captured the audience with his ENERGY, his approachability, and his candor. Participants were engaged in every second of his high energy, focused message. The audience left motivated by Andy’s message regarding the critical importance of student engagement, and techniques to achieve it.  My only wish is that we would have had more time with him!  FABULOUS way to conclude our great Conference." - Becky Musil, Associate Director, National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development (NISOD), after Andy's closing keynote for the NISOD "International Conference on Teaching & Leadership Excellence", with over 1,400+ faculty/staff attendees in Austin (TX)

"Andy Masters will add ENERGY, content, and passion to your professional development event. Andy has the experiences and skills to keynote or conduct breakout sessions, including workshops and seminars. I don't like the 'canned' delivery that tends to be obvious as one listens to some speakers, and we carefully recruit presenters that avoid that trait. You won't get a 'canned' message from Andy Masters. His content is fresh, relevant, and timely in every way imaginable. BOOK HIM for your next event!" - Wofford O'Sullivan, South Carolina Department of Education, after Andy's keynote program at the annual Education and Business Summit for over 2,000+ Faculty/Staff attendees (SC)

"Andy Masters was the closing keynote speaker for the 2014 APC Innovation Summit and his presentation was a WONDERFUL way to end our event on a high note! Our members found him engaging, knowledgeable about our sector, and his presentation was REFRESHING and full of GREAT IDEAS. He was a great addition to our program. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful presentation. I look forward to working with you again in the future!!" Donna Gurnett, Executive Director, Association of Proprietary Colleges, after Andy's closing keynote for the 2014 APC Innovation Summit for College Presidents, Administrators, and Faculty attendees (NY)

"THANKS AGAIN for presenting our keynote at TACTYC.   Your talks struck the right tone for our audience and left them both laughing and uplifted, helping us achieve a great conference.  And, it was a distinct pleasure to work with you.  Your professionalism, flexibility and care for our organization's members make it easy for me to recommend you for others. All the best!" - Andy Williams, TACTYC President, Teachers of Accounting at Two-Year Colleges (TACTYC), after Andy's TACTYC keynote in Anaheim (CA)

"Andy Masters' presentation was the talk of SLCC from the moment he left campus. Amazingly, Andy brought so many ideas and communicated with such energy, humor and passion to the College, that, while everyone in attendance benefitted greatly, it seemed no two people took quite the same lessons away. I personally implemented a couple of ideas taken directly from his session—both in my personal and professional life—the same day. Many others have had similar success putting Andy's ideas into practice. It was a rewarding pleasure to have Andy on our campus." - Dave Jones, SLCC Public Relations, after Andy's SLCC "Center for Innovation" keynote for over 1,000+ faculty/staff (UT)

"Andy, THANK YOU for presenting a timely and useful keynote address at the 2012 Kentucky Career and Technical Education Summer Program. I was impressed the way you held attendee attention and delivered suggestions they could use in their classrooms. Best wishes for your future endeavors! Let me know whether I can be of help in any other way." - Mike Stone, Executive Director, Kentucky Association for Career & Technical Education (K-ACTE), after Andy's keynote for 1,400+ faculty/staff attendees (KY)




“Our semester-opening inservice programs are always helpful but yours blew us all away! Our UA-Cossatot employees stayed engaged for eight full hours with four distinctly different and perfect programs, and that is testament to the energy and meaning your programs contained. To anyone who would ask about which programs to have you present…I say all of them!  Well done Andy!” – Dr. Steve Cole, Chancellor, UA-Cossatot (AR)

“Andy Masters did a wonderful job of presenting strategies of engaging and inspiring today’s students to our faculty.  His ability to install humor in his presentation was very well received by all attendees and everyone left with some great ideas for their classes.  I highly recommend Andy as a speaker for your next in-service!” - Dr. John Gratton, President, NMSU - Carlsbad (NM)

“On behalf of the students and employees of Cowley College, THANK YOU Andy for sharing of yourself and your array of knowledge with respect to improving customer service and how to relate to today’s students. Your use of real-life and easily relatable examples made the sessions compelling and engaging. I observed employees immediately placing your principles into action. Well done!” - Dr. Dennis C. Rittle, President, Cowley College (KS)

"Andy Masters presented four separate workshops to our College in one day. Faculty and staff alike were totally engaged with his riveting presentation style and were able to benefit from valuable take-home messages. This was one of the best programs I have seen on how to relate to today’s generation of students by helping them to discover what really motivates them. He explained how to include humor in one’s classroom, even when one is not naturally funny. The sessions on work-life balance and customer service were both entertaining and informative. I highly recommend him to any educational institution that wants to energize its faculty and staff and stay on the cutting edge!" - Herbert H.J. Reidel, PhD, President, Lurleen B. Wallace Community College (AL)

"I want to thank you for a GREAT presentation – I received a number of positive responses (and not one negative) on your keynote!!!!   Again, many thanks on a job well done and we truly appreciate your wilingness to participate in our Opening Day!!!" - Ron Galatolo, Chancellor, San Mateo County Community College District (CA)

"I have rarely seen a presentation to our faculty that was better received than the one provided by Andy Masters. He did an exceptional job in setting the stage for the launch of a great new academic year with his sharing of research on learning that was perfectly balanced with pragmatic suggestions, humor and the active engagement of our faculty." - Dr. Jacqueline Vietti, President, Butler Community College (KS)

"Thank you so much for spending time with us at Tyler Junior College last week and for giving seven presentations during your visit.  You certainly went above and beyond the call of duty, and I have heard nothing but RAVE reviews.  With your help we have had the most successful opening of a Fall semester ever!  I can't thank you enough.  It was a pleasure to meet you, and we look forward to having you back again in the future." – Dr. Mike Metke, President, Tyler Junior College (TX)

"THANKS for your presentation at ECC last Friday.  In the four years I have been at ECC, yours was the single program we have conducted that had the undivided attention of everyone in the room. Personally, your style to mix humor with the very serious topic of the educating and training of our students, is a perfect match for me!" - Jack Quinn, President, Erie Community College (NY)

"What impressed me most about Andy was the real-life, easy teaching techniques he suggested that connects with today's students. As someone who still teaches undergraduate classes, I am already changing my syllabus for next semester to accommodate his suggestions. His presentation is a 'can't miss' for your institution." Dr. Nicholas Neupauer, President, Butler County Community College (PA)

“Andy, you were “Spot On” yesterday, and I really believe our faculty and staff learned some valuable things and enjoyed your presentation! I will relay your info of the other three possible workshops to our professional development folks, and hope to have you back in the near future! THANKS again, and you did a GREAT job yesterday. I enjoyed it!” - Dr. Craig Wentworth, President, Southern Regional Technical College (GA)

"Andy Masters exemplified 'student engagement' by 'engaging' our Southern Union faculty in an EXCELLENT presentation which included relevant examples to use in the classroom. He had the undivided attention of our faculty as he interacted with them to present ways to engage our students through the use of real world examples and even humor. I couldn't think of a better way to kick start the new academic year!" - Dr. Glenda Colagross, Interim President, Southern Union State Community College (AL)

“Andy your presentation provided an energetic and fun way to kick off our faculty/staff in-service. The points you highlighted in your presentation, as well as your inclusion of role playing, had our campus engaged and laughing--while at the same time hitting key points on the importance of going that “extra mile” to provide great customer service. One of our staff went back to her office and implemented some of your points, and within an hour after your presentation, a new student that she interacted with posted on the college’s Facebook account about the great experience they had at Redlands!” - Jack Bryant, President, Redlands Community College (OK)

“Andy Masters’ presentations to all employees on Customer Service and to faculty on ‘How to Engage and Inspire Today’s Generation of Students’ were engaging, fast paced and well-received!  His concrete examples were relevant and easy to implement. We would recommend him to others focusing on student retention!” - Sarah Clemmons, Ph.D., President, Chipola College (FL)

"THANK YOU, Andy, for delivering such an inspirational and heartfelt program at our all-staff in-service! Your personal experience was so compelling and got everyone thinking about how what we do and say each day can have such a profound impact on students. What really hit home was the role play you did with one of our students and how to make them feel special. Thanks again for getting our year off to a GREAT start!" – Dr. Michael A. Lanser, President, Lakeshore Technical College (WI)

"Andy is an excellent presenter and did an outstanding job sharing with our faculty current and relevant ways to reach today’s students. He provided clear, concise and definitive examples that everyone could relate to and use in their classrooms. We thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and would have him back!" - Dr. Lori L. Sundberg, President, Carl Sandburg College (IL)




"Andy is a fantastic presenter and he kept the audience engaged throughout the 3-hour program.  Participants used phrases such as “Andy kept me engaged throughout with his knowledge of the topic and his enthusiasm and humor”, “Great seminar – helpful at work and in life”, and  “This training should be REQUIRED for every employee!"   Andy exceeded our expectations and our staff were motivated and inspired by Andy and his program.  You gave a fantastic program and I was inspired by you. Thanks so much!" - Linda Yuhas, Director of Compensation and Employment Services, Grand Valley State University (MI)

"OVERWHELMINGLY, the faculty and staff not only enjoyed each of Andy's sessions, but also appreciated the reminders about what our students are dealing with and that they truly are our customers. I appreciated the fact that Andy took the time to learn about our institution before coming, and that he was able to tailor his presentation to specific needs that we are facing. He presented as though he truly knew our University, our goals and objectives, and our students!  We're DEFINITELY hoping to bring him back for both another employee session, as well as a student session!" - Ann Bresingham, Vice President of Human Resources, Robert Morris University (IL)

"The feedback from participants has been GREAT and many have shared their plans for immediate change.   You exceeded our expectations and exemplified Tarleton State University’s core values of Integrity, Leadership, Civility, Excellence and Service.   We will work on our sixth core value of Tradition by planning future Andy Masters events!  We sincerely appreciate you and your message! Thank You!" - Larry Smith, Senior HR Training Specialist, Tarleton State University (TX)

"Andy's presentation captivates all walks of life and motivates people to get up and 'DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE!' There is so much information presented in such a creative way, it makes a lasting impression. Thank you, Andy for the motivation UIC needed to make this campus a great experience." - Ruby Vega, Association of College Unions International (ACUI) and SG & BC Center Manager, University of Illinois-Chicago (IL)

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say THANKS! Our committee received GREAT feedback after your program. I am so happy you have started getting involved with our campus and I am looking forward to hearing your other presentations. Thanks again for all you do, your message was well presented--I would love to be able to deliver a program with so much PASSION." - Brittany Glazier, Career Development, Lynn University (FL)

"Andy said exactly what our employees needed to hear about customer service for our students, their parents and with each other. As the role play showed, there are various degrees of service. Excellent Customer Service is not one size fits all. Our employees comprehended the differences in customer service behavior much better when they saw the behaviors and reactions. Andy completed the full day of entertaining faculty and staff professional development with presentations on Humor in the Classroom and on Time Management and Work-Life Balance, certainly two timely and important topics. Thank you Andy!" -  Kathy Taylor, Director of Human Resources, Henderson State University (AR)

“Andy has an innate ability to connect with people! Throughout the day, he captivated the audience with his passionate, thought-provoking, inspirational messages. His use of creative media sources to get across salient points, coupled with his enthusiasm and humor kept employees engaged! Participants described his presentation as “phenomenal, outstanding, motivational, reliable, and informative.” Andy, THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and expertise—you EXCEEDED our expectations and we look forward to your next visit!” – Bobbie Bilotta, Director of Human Resources, Medaille College (NY)




“Wow! Mr. Masters had us sitting on the edge of our seats. His dynamic presentation to our faculty was inspiring and very practical. He has an engaging delivery style, and he provided us with specific web sites as well as other resources that would enrich our classes. Some professional speakers are entertaining, but they don’t provide useful tools. Mr. Masters gave us both, a riveting presentation and practical tools for our classrooms.” - Doug Strauss, Ed.D., Adjunct Faculty Coordinator, State Fair Community College (MO)

"Andy Masters was a wonderful addition to our faculty development activities. Andy’s presentation was current and relevant and he did a wonderful job customizing his presentation for our campus environment. He was entertaining, informative, engaging, and inspiring - what more could you ask for?!" - Faith Jelley, CTL ChairRowan-Cabarrus Community College (NC)

"Andy Masters spent a day at MCC with our faculty, and he was WONDERFUL! He tailored his morning program perfectly to fit our requests. Faculty members were excited and energized about specific classroom techniques Andy shared that they can use to increase student retention. Andy also presented an afternoon break-out session about time management that faculty LOVED. Andy was a great way to start off our spring quarter!!" - Teri Quick, Institute for Faculty Excellence Coordinator, Metro Community College (NE) 

"I am writing to report that Andy Masters was amazing and exceedingly well-received by our faculty.  You couldn't miss if you were to engage him in your Fall Convocation.  He was funny, current, and very well prepared with a customized presentation based on our stated needs.  If you are unable to utilize his services, please know that you could easily recommend him based on our experience." - Linda Chapman, Director of Academic and Professional Excellence, College of Southern Nevada (NV)

"In these tough budget times, it has become increasingly difficult to provide focused faculty professional development opportunities in areas that aid them in mastering their craft of teaching, and your seminar nailed every point I wanted to convey regarding approaches to a learner-centered paradigm, connecting with students from the student’s point of view, and offering solid and simple mechanisms of implementation for student engagement. Since the seminar, I have already had a number of faculty approach me touting its success and wanting more. For opening up their minds to new ideas, I thank you. It was WELL WORTH the investment." - Rusty Elliott, Dean of Instruction, Williamsburg Tech (SC)

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"Mr. Andy Masters' keynote presentation was timely, energetic, and relevant to our membership at our 2014 OACTE Conference. Andy's message was sincere and he connected with our members. Andy was engaging, humorous, and very insightful. His presentation also provided VERY helpful take-aways for our members that will be remembered and used now and in the future. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Andy Masters as a keynote speaker - his message will be carried forward by all of our members in their personal and professional lives!" - Liz Rommel, 2014 Conference Planning Chair, Oregon Association for Career & Technical Educators (OACTE), after Andy's keynote for 400+ attendees (OR)

"Andy Masters' presentation was engaging and his message DYNAMIC! Andy was not only humorous, but insightful, and upbeat! His appearance at our Conference was more than just a quick motivational speech - it was an event that will be remembered by all in attendance and a message they will carry forward both personally and professionally!" - Libby Livings-Eassa, Past-President, Florida Career Pathways Network (FL)

"Andy's message was a PERFECT FIT for our Career and Technology Educators Professional Development day. His delivery was both engaging and motivational. Some comments from attendees were: 'GREAT morning speaker!', 'BEST presentation I've seen in a while!', and 'Thanks for bringing in someone who could CONNECT with us!' Andy would be a GREAT addition to your next event." - Lisa Robbins, Coordinator, Catawba Regional Education Center, after Andy's program at York Technical College (SC)

"Faculty remarked that Andy was a 'good speaker with good ideas that were easy to do!' They related that Andy's information was very practical and useful, his enthusiasm and passion was communicated clearly, and he was a great motivator. His presentation could best be summed up by a faculty member who commented, 'Thank you for your PASSION to help students and faculty! You were GREAT! I'm very glad I came! - Dr. Janet Jaworski, Executive Director, Global Edge Tech Prep Consortium, Collin College (TX)

"Andy Masters' timely, vibrant keynote both entertained and inspired Conference attendees; Moreover, Andy's message sincerely CONNECTED with the audience. Participants were most impressed that Andy remained a meaningful presence throughout the day/evening, not just rushing out the door after the keynote. Schedule Andy for your next Conference - he will work hard to deliver a relevant message and authentically engage audience members!" - Stephen Weltsch, President, ACTE Arizona, after Andy's keynote for the 2014 ACTE Arizona Mid-Winter Conference (AZ)




"THANK YOU for presenting at our annual convention last month...our attendees can't stop talking about your TERRIFIC presentation. Uplifting, great, wonderful, awesome, are just a few of the adjectives administrators are using when speaking of your session." - L. Earl Franks, CAE, Executive Director, Council For Leaders in Alabama Schools (CLAS), after Andy's programs for Alabama Superintendents, Principals, and Administrators (AL)

"I wanted to thank you for your presentation this afternoon in Marion County, attended primarily by secondary school counselors.  You did a fine job of providing both content and inspiration, a combination which made our brief time spent with you a good investment. Keep up the good work!" - Janet Weldon, Director of Guidance and Assessment, Marion County Public Schools (FL)

“Don’t hesitate to hire Andy!  He’s professional, easy to work with, and does his homework.  Most importantly he has a true gift for intuiting what his audience needs to hear and then delivering it in a way that is fun, relaxing and straight to the point.  Our high school and community college audience of educators loved his presentations and his books, and we look forward to bringing him back soon.” - Jennifer Carnes, Regional CTE Coordinator for the InterMountain-ISD Education Service District (OR)

“Thanks for inspiring our Texas HR education leaders…..Awesome presentation!!!..... Thank you! Your message is powerful!..... I LOVED your presentation…..THANK YOU for your encouragement….Your presentation was VERY inspirational…..Fantastic program!!..... Enjoyed the presentation today - thank you!!” – Audience Responses after Andy’s opening keynote program for the 2015 Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA) Conference (TX)


CANADA (My good friends to the North!)


"Andy presented two separate sessions at our recent Western Ontario College Educator Development Program Conference, and both were VERY well-received by the faculty in attendance. He has a warm, inviting, unassuming manner and was able to make meaningful connections with the faculty and to the work they do. His presentation on Humour was a RIOT and was just what we needed after a long day of sessions!" - Kathy Bouma, Organizational Development & Learning, Fanshawe College, (ON), Canada

"Andy’s engaging presentation style and his positive, optimistic messages about today’s learners, the importance of education and its ability to unlock the enormous potential within everyone whose lives we touch resonated with us at SAIT Polytechnic. I would highly recommend Andy Masters as an enthusiastic, professional and versatile keynote speaker for corporate and post-secondary education settings." - Dr. Phillip Hoffmann, Associate Dean of Degree Studies and Teaching Excellence, SAIT Polytechnic, (AB), Canada

"I thought you did an OUTSTANDING job facilitating your program,  'College Customer Service: Embracing a New Campus Service Environment'. Your enthusiasm and humourist personality made the workshop VERY engaging and entertaining. The real life examples and experiences you shared definitely reinforced the benefits of great customer service and the long lasting impression it has on people!" - Sarah De Pinto, Human Resources, Northern College of Applied Arts & Technology, (ON), Canada

"Hope you had a safe trip back and thank you so much for taking time from your busy schedule to come to Sheridan College to speak with our new faculty and for giving a WONDERFUL and engaging presentation! It was a tremendous start to our new faculty training program. Your practical and "easy" tips for engaging students and ensuring an inclusive classroom were a perfect fit to our earlier discussions on effective teaching. Your ideas on bringing humor to the classroom were again very practical and could be included in curriculum preparation with ease of effort. It was lovely meeting you and wish you all the best in future endeavours!" - Sandra Secord, Program Coordinator, Sheridan Institute of Technology, (ON), Canada




"Andy, your presentation was FIRST CLASS. You have an art of connecting with your audience and engaging them throughout the entire presentation. I remember looking around seeing everyone taking notes and hanging on your every word. That's what a great speaker has the ability to do. Working with you has been a real treat. Not only are you a great guy, but you're a FANTASTIC presenter. I'd recommend you to anyone!" - Kyla M. Clark, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Brand Strategies & Events, after Andy's program for 500+ Student-Athletes for the NCAA Convention in Nashville, TN

“Andy Masters really addresses the audience in the 'Life After College' presentation. His examples of the 'dream jobs' captured the attention and curiosity of the students. The books are a great bonus and giveaway for the students. The message is straight forward and practical. Our students are still talking about it and others want the book. You were a DYNAMIC speaker and the students' review was EXCELLENT!” - Janice Robinson, Life Skills Coordinator, Auburn University (AL)

“Andy’s presentation on the ‘37 Keys to College Success’ was very impressive! The students were engaged throughout the entire program. We were very impressed with how the speaker was able to present an excellent and upbeat presentation even though there were technical problems with the projector! Andy was truly a GREAT SPEAKER!” - Erica Lake, Office of Student Life, University of South Carolina 

“Hi Andy - What I heard and what they heard was EXCELLENT. The evaluations from the students were excellent, all 4s (on a scale of 1-4, 4 being excellent). My staff was also impressed by your presentation style. For a quote: ‘We finally had approval to bring Andy Masters to campus and he was well worth the wait! The message conveyed through his relaxed presentation style quickly engaged the students and maintained their focus throughout the presentation. It is always a plus when you can bring in an enthusiastic speaker that the students 'get.' The examples Andy uses are examples everyone can understand and apply. The response from the attendees was resoundingly positive...a 'FANTASTIC'event!'"- Michael Doty, Director-Career Center, University of Texas at Dallas                                                                                                                                                                  

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