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Humor in the Classroom: Not Just HOW, But Why

Humor in the Classroom: Not Just HOW, But Why

Certainly, the job of an educator is to educate--not to entertain.  However, we can't educate, nor impact the lives of students, if we can't keep attention and engage students first.  Join author, speaker, and humorist Andy Masters as he shares with us easily applicable methods to sprinkle wit with our wisdom--even if you don't believe you're that funny!  Andy also shares specific research from several University studies which PROVES incorporating humor in the classroom improves student retention, interest in the subject, faculty ratings, and even class attendance.  So, have FUN, be creative, and impact the lives of students--while refreshing your own outlook towards your career each day. 

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 "Andy presented two separate sessions at our recent Western Ontario College Educator Development Program Conference, and both were VERY well-received by the faculty in attendance. He has a warm, inviting, unassuming manner and was able to make meaningful connections with the faculty and to the work they do. His presentation on Humour was a RIOT and was just what we needed after a long day of sessions!"
- Kathy Bouma, Organizational Development & Learning, Fanshawe College, Ontario (Canada)



Since the recession, schools have been downsized and running trim.  Never before have staff and administrators been asked to wear so many hats, and do more with less.  Therefore, the time to make the workplace FUN AGAIN has never been more important!  People are tired of being stressed.  People want to be happy, LAUGH, and enjoy their jobs again.  The incredible impacts of a fun and positive work environment include less stress, higher morale, lower turnover, and even increased service levels--accomplished with LITTLE or NO costs!!  Join international Author/Speaker and business humorist Andy Masters in this entertaining program illustrating easy and inexpensive ways to create a fun working environment, while sharing success stories of how schools and colleges have launched a RE-ENERGIZED organizational culture in this new economy!


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