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Student Engagement & Customer Service Programs

Student Engagement & Customer Service Programs



Andy Masters has presented hundreds of entertaining and inspirational academic success and career development programs for students across the country. He now shares his techniques with Faculty/Staff on how to motivate and engage students, while sharing research on what really makes this generation of student “tick.” Andy explores the use of humor, pop culture references, incorporating technology which speaks their language, and inspiring students with young success stories which bring cool careers to LIFE. Lastly, Andy shares his inspirational story of how the care and belief of one faculty member and one counselor changed his life forever. Simply put, Andy helps inspire us to inspire our students to even greater heights!

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Andy's 2018 goal is simple:  Bring "World Class Customer Service" to as many college campuses as possible!  With rampant budget cuts and drops in state funding, colleges across the country are more dependent than ever on tuition revenue and increased enrollment for survival. Therefore, it's never been more important for the student (the customer) to enjoy their campus experience so they return the following semester, and tell other students (other customers) about their experience. This important program is based on Andy's award-winning book "Kiss Your Customer", and illustrates how to apply proven customer service principles at all levels of staff, faculty, and administration--without sacrificing academic integrity.  Importantly, concepts include all "internal" and "external" customers which every department on campus serves.  Andy also shares success stories from colleges across the country who have embraced this "student as customer" philosophy, decreasing customer frustration and dissatisfaction, while enhancing a positive "word-of-mouth" reputation within the community.  In this era of social media, texting, and college online review sites--customer service has NEVER been more important in the history of higher education.


"Andy Masters will add energy, content, and passion to your professional development event. Andy has the experiences and skills to keynote or conduct breakout sessions, including workshops and seminars. I don't like the 'canned' delivery that tends to be obvious as one listens to some speakers, and we carefully recruit presenters that avoid that trait. You won't get a 'canned' message from Andy Masters. His content is fresh, relevant, and timely in every way imaginable. BOOK HIM for your next event!"
- Wofford O'Sullivan, Conference Planner, South Carolina Department of Education, after Andy's keynote program at the 2009 Education and Business Summit for over 2,000+ Faculty/Staff attendees

"Andy's program on 'How to Engage and Inspire Today's Generation of Student' was the PERFECT way to help us meet an important objective within our Title III grant, which is to train faculty and staff on diverse learning styles. Using real-life examples and bolstered by current research, he energized our annual Professional Development Day attendees, sparking plenty of "A-ha!" moments and informal conversations. I highly recommend Andy for your next Professional Development Day. HE WAS A HIT!" - Becky Rump, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement, Southeastern Community College (IA)

"Andy's message was a PERFECT FIT for our Career and Technology Educators Professional Development day. His delivery was both engaging and motivational. Some comments from attendees were: 'GREAT morning speaker!', 'BEST presentation I've seen in a while!', and 'Thanks for bringing in someone who could CONNECT with us!' Andy would be a GREAT addition to your next event." - Lisa Robbins, Coordinator, Catawba Regional Education Center, after Andy's program at York Technical College (SC)

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