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Andy's Books

Andy's Books

37 Keys to College Success: Balancing Student Life and Academics ($12.95 Paperback)

This enhanced 2ND EDITION provides the "real scoop" of how to ace college inside the classroom, while gaining a great college experience outside of the classroom.  Principles include "Embrace Leadership Opportunities", "Consider the Great Benefits of a Double-Major", "Gain Job/Internship Experience", and "Capitalize on the Power of Networking".  Great for high school Juniors/Seniors or College Freshmen/Sophomores, as well as high school graduation and college orientation events!




Life After College: What to Expect and How to Succeed in Your Career  ($14.95 Paperback)

This 2012 ENHANCED 2ND EDITION book provides career advice and resources for that difficult transition from college to the real world.  Key book topics include:  Career decisions, networking, time management, organization skills, and strategic career planning. Perhaps the most valuable portions of the book are critical mistakes young professionals must avoid, such as dealing with office politics, professionalism and maturity, drugs/alcohol in the workplace, ethics, etiquette, dating in the workplace, and sexual harassment.  Great for college Juniors/Seniors, recent graduates, or young professionals!!




Things LEADERS Say:  A Daily Guide to Help Every Leader Empower & Inspire

($12.95 Paperback / $4.97 Kindle Now Available on Amazon!) 

We are in an era where managers are being asked to do more with less, and wear multiple hats within every organization.  Leaders at all levels have never been more bogged-down and distracted from incorporating true vision, implementing a plan, and leading. Today’s leader needs to empower.  Today’s leader needs to inspire. Today’s leader is also quite busy, and needs daily reminders of such communications which empower and inspire. 

Daily reminders of "Things LEADERS Say". 



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