Andy Masters - Author and Speaker for the 21st Century


Andy Masters, MA, CSP is an award-winning author and international speaker who has written 5 books, earned 4 degrees, and presented hundreds of entertaining and impactful programs on sales/service, leadership, and personal development topics. He has earned the prestigious "CSP" designation of the National Speakers Association (NSA), the highest earned international recognition for professional speakers, in which less than 10% of speakers worldwide have achieved.  Andy currently serves as 2018/19 President of the National Speakers Association-Central Florida Chapter.  Andy is also a favorite among meeting planners, as he has presented at over a dozen events for Meeting Professionals International (MPI).  



Andy's flagship keynote program is based on his award-winning book "Kiss Your Customer: 77 Reasons Why Sales & Service Are Just Like Dating & Relationships". Andy’s “business humor with a purpose” philosophy provides the ultimate “learn through laughter” experience for attendees.  He takes attendees on a journey through the highs-and-lows world of relationship-building, utilizing the clever irony between business and romance.  Andy proves that we must create a transformation from doing a job to creating a bond.   We must embrace personalization and customization in this age of technology and standardization.  Today's customers want to hire EXPERTS they can TRUST, who can truly HELP them. However, customers also hire people they LIKE.  He also shares examples from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs on how to make AMAZING connections, drive repeats & referrals, and implement MEMORABLE strategies to overcome that one dangerously dissatisfied customer.  Andy's creative approaches to proven principles impact sales and improve customer loyalty immediately, while also leaving a mark on our personal lives.  Enjoy this entertaining, inspirational, and impactful program!

** Click here to view Andy's "Kiss Your Customer" Video Testimonials from the Florida Association of Realtors!

Read Andy's book press release "Expert Explores Why Business is Just Like Dating & Relationshipsand related article "Create Amazing Impacts With 15 Minutes or Less, 15 Dollars or Less."  




                                     “People don’t want to buy from a salesperson. People want to hire EXPERTS                                         they can TRUST who can truly HELP them.” - Andy Masters, MA, CSP

Andy Masters, MA, CSP helps leaders and businesses transform traditional sales & marketing efforts through innovative & high value ROI “Expert Branding”--such as strategic and targeted keynote speaking engagements, book/article publishing, thought leadership, social media, and worthwhile PR & media campaigns. Andy has an extensive marketing background and expertise in this arena, and truly helps attendees position themselves and their company as THE expert and trusted resource for their target market, and how to leverage that positioning. Andy’s amazing success stories and strategies from many diverse industries benefit entrepreneurs, business leaders, salespeople, authors, speakers, consultants, lawyers, and professional services firms. Enjoy this eye-opening program which truly inspires “REVELATIONS with APPLICATIONS”!

HIRE ANDY for his Expert Branding and Leadership COACHING & CONSULTING SERVICES!


 "I would like to THANK YOU for the GREAT speech that you gave at our event.  YOU KNOCKED IT WAY OUT OF THE PARK!  I have had nothing but positive feedback from everyone that I have spoken to.  There were great compliments at the afternoon portion of the event, and all day today people were calling and stopping by my office telling me how much they loved the speaker. I hope that you get home safe and that the rest of your trip was as positive as the impact that you had on our event." - John Bradford, Vice President, Insurance Brokers & Agents of Sacramento (IBAS), after Andy's  "Kiss Your Customer" keynote for 750+ attendees at the Sacramento Convention Center (CA)







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